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safe sleep

Follow the ABCs

of Safe Sleep

A   Alone:
Baby should sleep Alone.

B   Back:
Put baby on their Back.

C   Crib:
Put baby in a safe Crib.


About 90 babies die each year in New York State from sleep-related causes. Right from the start, help your baby sleep safely every time sleep begins.


  • Put baby on their back to sleep – even if baby was born early (premature).
  • Your baby should not sleep with adults or other children.
  • Share your room, not your bed. Room-sharing lets you keep a close watch over your baby while preventing accidents that might happen when baby is sleeping in an adult bed.
  • Nothing should be in the crib except baby; no pillows, bumper pads, blankets or toys.


  • Put baby to sleep on their back, not on their tummy or side.
  • Do put your baby on their tummy every day when baby is awake and being watched. “Tummy time” helps baby develop strong shoulder and neck muscles.


  • Use a safety-approved* crib/bassinet/playard with a firm mattress and a fitted sheet.
  • If baby falls asleep on a bed, couch, armchair, or in a sling, swing or other carrier, put baby in a crib to finish sleeping.

*For crib safety, go to the Consumer Product Safety Commission


Other Tips:

  • Use a one-piece sleeper. Don’t use blankets.
  • Be sure baby is not too warm.
  • Breastfeed your baby.
  • Try using a pacifier for sleep but don’t force baby to take it.
  • Get your baby immunized.
  • If your baby is in a front or back baby carrier, be sure that baby’s face is always visible.
  • Never use a car seat, baby swing, carriage or other carrier without properly fastening all the straps. Babies have been caught in partially fastened straps and died.
  • Make sure no one smokes in your home or around your baby.
  • Don’t use alcohol or drugs.
  • Don’t rely on home baby monitors.

Make sure everyone caring for your baby follows these tips!


Click here to download a PDF version of this information.

For more information visit:


American Academy of Pediatrics: SIDS and Other Sleep-Related Infant Deaths




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